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The sun pours into open windows, warming your spirit. Outside the music is loud, inviting.

Origin Acoustics presents the Landscape Bollard Loudspeaker.

The Landscape Bollard Outdoor Loudspeaker from Origin Acoustics

Purpose Built for Outdoor Installations

  • 2-Way loudspeaker design with 360-degree acoustic projection.
  • Even range subwoofer network that delivers consistent low end.
  • Aluminum enclosures available in two configurations & three colors.
  • 100/70v settings for long-range professional installations.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

The Landscape Bollard Loudspeaker

What does the perfect outdoor party sound like? Rock & roll? Thumping bass? Or would you prefer a quiet afternoon reading in the sunlight, soft ballads drifting through the air? The Bollard Loudspeaker is designed for both, the beautiful listening experience. From its high-quality aluminum enclosure to its far-reaching 360-degree acoustic lens, the Bollard was purpose built to bring amazing audio and aesthetics into your landscape.

lasting impressions

The Bollard Loudspeaker, only from Origin Acoustics, was designed for long-lasting outdoor installation. The subwoofer and wiring are all safely buried in underground conduit, for a seamless finish and rock-solid connectivity. We’ve powder-coated the aluminum enclosures, so they will look great season after season. The acoustic lens design spreads sound evenly across your outdoor area, and thanks to 70v technology you can have bliss-filled audio at the furthest reaches of your property.

The Landscape Bollard Outdoor Loudspeaker from Origin Acoustics

Three Tones and Two Styles

The Bollard Loudpeaker is available in Natural Aluminum, Matte Black, and Bronze finishes. Every finish can be applied to both the Round and Square enclosure styles.

The Seasons Rock Style Outdoor Loudspeakers from Origin Acoustics

the perfect application

From sprawling manor houses to urban high-rise gardens, Origin Acoustics has an outdoor loudspeaker for you. Whether it’s the stylish Bollard or the small hidden satellite, we offer unmatched sonic clarity and long-lasting durability.

built for the wild

You can feel its call, pulling at your adventure.

Installation of The Acoustic Landscape Loudspeaker System from Origin Acoustics

Endless Configurations

One of the terrific advantages of the Seasons Landscape Collection is the endless customization possible for your specific space regardless of the size or shape. From a simple stereo system near the patio to massive installation with numerous subwoofers and satellites covering literally acres of landscape, the scalability is nearly limitless. Any coverage and performance parameters you can imagine are now possible.

Installation of The Seasons Landscape from Origin Acoustics

Purpose Built for Outdoor Installation

Filling your outdoor environment with quality music that appears to come from nowhere is now a very real expectation. Hidden away in flower beds and planters or placed around the pool or other water features, the Landscape Collection can fill the entire yard with a sound that is sure to enhance every outdoor event from a pool party to a wedding reception.

The Acoustic Landscape

Installation of The Acoustic Landscape Loudspeaker System from Origin Acoustics

All-Weather & All-Terrain Installation

The Acoustic Landscape System is an outdoor Hi-Fi Loudspeaker Installation that can be driven by any stereo receiver. Each kit comes with four satellite loudspeakers and one burial subwoofer, ready for installation. The satellite speakers come with rust-proof HDPE stakes attached that spike right into a foundation of rock, grass, and soil with ease. The subwoofer body buries deep into the ground, leaving only a non-intrusive cap to resonate deep, powerful frequencies. Since it is designed to operate with any amplifier or receiver, it is one of the few products we offer for sale online.

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Anything but traditional

Origin Acoustics’ Outdoor On-Wall Loudspeakers breathe new life into your outdoor space. A stereo pair, or even a single stereo loudspeaker, mount securely to flat surfaces and look great doing it. We’ve taken extra care with this series, ensuring each one has premium, weather-proof components that combine for an amazing musical finish.

The Seasons On-Wall Outdoor Loudspeakers from Origin Acoustics

Purpose Built for Outdoor Installation

  • 2-Way loudspeaker design with bass enhancing passive radiators.
  • Water-proofed phoenix style inputs for solid connectivity.
  • High quality HDPE enclosures with moisture sealed aluminum grilles.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

Origin Acoustics Rocks

Before producing a rock-style loudspeaker, Origin Acoustics had a serious question to answer. How do we improve on a format that has been so extensively explored? Our answer arrived in three pieces, one subwoofer and two satellite models. With 8-ohm & 100/70v taps, weather and water resistance, and an innocuous form factor that blends into any landscape our rock speakers really do, rock.

Available as satellite or Subwoofer

The Seasons Rock Style Outdoor Loudspeakers from Origin Acoustics